Thursday, April 10, 2008

I flew to Wilmington last December to spend time with my sister Angie and her family. This is the view we had on the ferry from Southport to Kure Beach.

I've been thinking about religion and spirituality a lot lately. It's an extremely personal topic. I have no problem discussing it. I'm not offended or put off by the topic, but for some reason I tend to be offended for anyone else who gets cornered by the 'Jesus/God/denomination/religion' question. It's like asking someone how much money they make or if they're impotent or something. I thought maybe I had more to say about it... but as it turns out, that's about it. Religion fascinates me. All of the different rituals and symbols. People dedicate their entire lives to their religion. I am in awe of monks and nuns and priests and missionaries. I am humbled by their service. I adore conviction and zealotry even if I disagree with the values and ethics behind them. Man's constant search and evolution.

I'm gonna go eat my vegetable lasagna and chocolate bread pudding now. Maybe pop a Valium or two...'cause a few minutes ago Bea gave us quite a scare. Apparently she was in quite the deep sleep, eyeballs all rolled back in her head, completely non-responsive for about 10 seconds. I lifted her head with my hand and she was limp... and then, just like that, she was awake and wondering why the hell I was disturbing her. First I broke down and had myself a little infarction. Then I fed her and scooped her litter box. All is right with the world.

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