Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Me and John. John and Me. I'm actually holding Bea in this picture but she got cut out... or maybe she's just too evil to cast a reflection. Is possible.
So lets see- what else is going on... the weather is beautiful. The best day of the entire year thus far. Last night I was asleep before 9pm. Good for me because I've slept for crap the last few nights. Despite 9 hours of sleep I still wasn't able to get up in enough time to accomplish everything. I was running around trying to make coffee and brush my teeth and do my hair at the same time. I am so not a multi-tasker.

Daddy's still in the nursing home. He's doing two hours of therapy every day. He says it hurts like hell but Mama says she can see the improvement from one day to the next. Of course this is the same woman who called me the other night to tell me Angie found the wallet Mama lost 5 days ago. She had a 15 minute conversation about it and we hung up. Literally 3 minutes later she called me again to let me know that Angie found her wallet... poor stressed out Mama. Have I expressed how much I love my Mama? Well, I really love my Mama. She's too much fun and too kind hearted. She and my Daddy are the two best people I have ever known. Period. I miss them every day. Shit... now I'm all sad and sentimental.

This is me and Mama at Nubble Light in Maine. It was last summer. About 90 degrees until you pulled into the parking lot for the lighthouse. Then it was like 50 and windy. That's why we're all bundled up. It was a good day. Mama usually visits for a couple of weeks in the summer and a couple of weeks at Christmas. But she and Daddy haven't been doing too well the past year. Her back and Daddy's heart and knees. Makes for a difficult travel. Six more weeks and I'll get to spend quality time with them. -sigh-

Book I'm reading: "How to Marry a Murderer" by Amanda Matetsky. 3rd in her Paige Turner series. Set in 1950's New York. Love it. Awesome setting, meticulously detailed. I'm trying to savor it until I have the opportunity to buy the 4th.

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