Saturday, April 5, 2008

pay no attention- it's the Motrin talking

So I've been playing around with my blog tonight. That, and listening to the same Rilo Kiley song over and over because it's the only one my mp3 player will play without skipping and stuttering... strange and frustrating. It's a good thing I really like this song.

As far as this blog thing goes... geez louise... this is pretty fun. Pretty pictures and colors and bright shiny objects ooo-aah. It rained part of the day here in CT. But, it was in the mid-50's. Ain't gonna sneeze at that. I slept for like forty-eleven hours. I talked to Mama. I brushed my teeth. I ate pizza and chips and cookies. If I weren't so shameless I'd be embarrassed. I swear to Buddha I'm gonna work out tomorrow. Turbo-Jam, baby! When I do it, I really enjoy it and the endorphins kick in and I feel all superior. I'm telling myself: You just want to be healthy. You just want to feel better. You're doing this for your own well-being. Blah-ditty-blah.
When in reality, despite all of my self-empowering, esteem-enforcing diatribes... I want Angelina Jolie arms and a 22 inch waist. And for this I am furious with myself.

John: "I guess I'm gonna have to break down and use that thing beside of the television" (referring to the treadmill)
Me: "You should probably start with using those things attached to your ass."

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