Sunday, April 6, 2008

lovely things

This is my lone hyacinth. Last summer I planted all kinds of flowers in front of our trailer. Big ones, little ones, wild ones, tame ones, plants and shrubs and anything that looked pale and sickly for less than a dollar at Wal-Mart. This here little purple chick is one of those that I paid 75cents for. And here she is, making her grand entrance. I'm so proud of her I could spit!

And these are my sisters. Angie on the left and Wendy on the right. They're my best friends and they tie for 2nd place in the Mama department. I love them more than is humanly possible. They're so opposite but their core goodness is so innately identical it's fascinating. Mwah-Mwah to my "suhsters".

oh yes... please check out persimmonsgal 's blogspot. She's giving away some really awesome stuff in her latest contest and I wanna win.

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