Saturday, November 22, 2008

How cold is it? Nasty cold. Maybe if we'd eased into it I'd be feeling a little better about it. But last weekend it was 60 and now it's 20 and all of my extremities are either numb or leaking. So far this week I've had to call 2 insurance companies about my short-term disability pay out. Then I saw my doctor, who EKGed me and then I had blood drawn at the hospital lab and now I have to go for a stress test on Monday. All this for a got-dang toe. A TOE here people! If I knew I wouldn't wharf my guts out I'd down a fifth of jose cuervo and do it my own damn self. Duct tape a towel to my foot and not leave the bedroom for 3 weeks.

And you know what else? It's gonna suck not having a Thanksgiving dinner. But I'm supposed to be completely off that foot for a few days afterward. This will have to be improved upon.

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