Friday, November 28, 2008

Mama told me yesterday that they ate Thanksgiving dinner at the Golden Corral. Then she said as everyone was getting ready to leave, Daddy went to the bathroom and was gone so long that she forgot and left without him. She said, "I was about to leave your daddy at the restaurant." Then she tells me that she pulled out of the parking lot and Sarah and John had to flag her down and ask her who was supposed to be bringing daddy home. Uh-huh, "about". She gets back to the Golden Corral and Daddy's still in the bathroom. He's fine, but I wouldn't have wanted to be the guy in the next stall. So I asked him, "When do you think she would have remembered you Daddy?" And he said, "Aw, probably 'bout Tuesday or so."

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Rapunzel said...

LOL! Jan, I'm loving your blog as well, look forward to spending lots of time here!