Sunday, November 9, 2008

This morning I let Mae back outside. It's sunny and 55 degrees and he's been de-wormed, and de-flead and is recovering well. What did I do before I became host to this party of parasitical felines? Read and bitched and planned vacations. Now I've decided to stop vacating for a while.

Here's a little something odd, that has nothing to do with c-a-t's. For the past couple of months I've been having dreams that are slightly prophetic. Not dead on exact and no end of days stuff. But small thangs. Dreaming of losing a tooth and finding out that my sister actually lost the same tooth within a day of the dream. Dreaming of a funeral at my landlord's house and finding out that his cousin had just died. That sort of thing.

I've been busy with doctors and vets and all that adult shite. I've probably read 5 pages of "The Likeness" in the past week. Which sucks cause I really like it. Today I want to clean a little and relax a lot.

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