Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vera Pauline Cauley Kelley Wright age 16 circa 1940

Today I thought about things like: What if I lived in New Orleans? Or Savannah? Or Charleston? Or some other sultry Southern city where things were green for most of the year and the air smelled salty from the sea and the sun was warm, even in January. And I thought about how I hate wearing shoes, but I like wearing socks and I thought about how Sherry and I used to walk barefoot around Myrtle Beach and our feet would be black for the whole summer and then that made me think about my Uncle Willie who never ever wore shoes. He only owned one pair and he'd had that pair since 1968. And when he died, about ten years ago, his kids had "Shoeless Willie" engraved on his gravestone. And that made me think about my Grandmama and so I took a picture of a picture.

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