Monday, November 3, 2008

Went to work, went to the podiatrist, came home, made supper, made a lot of necessary phone calls. Ate supper and a brownie and an iced mocha latte which, by the way, isn't really part of the diet. Watched part of some gawd-awful Lindsay Lohan movie and then felt really dirty afterward. Like I needed a cigarette and a shower. Speaking of showers, our landlord had a new shower wall installed for us. Exciting.

The podiatrist is sending me to have x-rays and then I go back to see him next week and from there he'll be able to tell what sort of surgery he'll have to do and then how long I'll be out of work with this stupid, stupid foot of mine. In the beginning I was all, "Yay! No work and happy drugs!" Now reality is setting in and I'm beginning to worry about the whole financial aspect. Apparently, when one goes on a medical leave of absence, one has to wait an extra week before the money starts coming in. So I'm hoping they'll give me extra -or as my daddy says, "extrie"- gauze and all that jazz because I sure as hell won't be able to afford to buy it.

Which brings me to Beatrice... my witchey little old lady cat who has to go Thursday to have her teeth cleaned and possibly have a couple extracted. I'm already having heart palpitations anticipating how much that shit's gonna cost me. So long as it improves her health and -oh please God- her attitude, then it will definitely be worth it... unless it's over 300 bucks. If it's over 300 bucks I'm gonna slip on doggie pee-pee and sue the hell out of them.

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