Thursday, December 4, 2008

Okay class, today's blog lesson is about connectedness. Which may or may not be a word... So John and I are talking about our friends and acquaintances and people who cross our paths and I'm telling him about the beauty of blogs and polyvore. How they allow me to feel connected to folks that are of the same mind frame as I/me am. The truth of the matter is I grew up in, what was at the time, a really small town. I love it today, but back then I hated the dirt out of it. And though I tend to get along really well with just about everyone, I've always felt a little left of center. I was "that baby girl of Bobby and Carolyn's. The one that likes to read and dresses kind of funny." Fast forward 20 years and I'm still a bit of an odd duckling. But I've learned to embrace it and I'd like to think that instead of coming across as off-putting, my qualities are now found endearing. That being said, the invention of the Internet is a wonderful thing for oddballs who grow up in tiny little hick towns. In these vapid-ass, silly-ass times, it's important to feel connected to other truth-dwellers, folks out there living their lives with a purpose and with joy. It's encouraging, ya'll.

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