Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Since being out of work I've discovered Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal. I'm not really a big cereal fan. John, on the other hand, is perpetually in the middle of like 5 different boxes. A few days ago he brought me a bowl of the Quaker and damn, Sam. They're really good. Especially with some chopped pecans and warm milk. I even went so far as to e-mail Quaker and kiss their collective asses. They sent a very lovely response.

What else? Bea's back at the vet's office for the night. She hasn't eaten in two days and she won't keep her Clavamox down. Dr. Norris said she has a fever and she's giving Bea some high powered antibiotics and fluids and keeping her over night.

We came home, I took a Xanax, made a potato soup, called my Mama, stubbed my already aching toe, tried not to have a hissy fit and sat in the recliner with Lenny wrapped around my chest.


Rapunzel said...

I'm not a big cereal fan, either, but that Quaker stuff sounds like the perfect comfort food! And you, my dear, needed some serious comforting!

big hugs to you..

jan said...

hugs are accepted and greatly appreciated!