Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter blues. Got stuck in the driveway yesterday coming home from work. Sort of sucked a lot. Last year I got stuck and it was such a horrid experience that I'm still not completely over it. Not so much with this particular instance.

We woke up this morning and the porch was covered in black ice, so of course John fell. Cause that's what he do. Banged himself up pretty good. Then I get to work and the parking lot is like a frickin' skating rink.

All of this sends me scurrying over to Tripadvisor. Planning warm dream vacations.

Been thinking about going back to school and finishing up my BA. What the hell am I waiting on? All this soul-searching has led me to one dull conclusion. I'm hopelessly lazy.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Haven't had the faintest interest in blogging lately. Just ain't feeling it. Have had a bit of a belly-bug for the past week. Or maybe it's because of the diet change. That I'm making such an effort to eat well. It's shocking my system.

So what's been up? We've got ourselves a new got-dang president! I came home early Tuesday with the poops so in between bathroom breaks I got to watch the inauguration. I may end up kicking myself in the ass sometime down the road, but I am so flippin' happy that Barack Obama is the president of the United States. It's refreshing and exciting and motivating. It reminds me why I minored in Political Science so many years ago. Because I felt like I could possibly be part of the solution. Like I could get myself in there and make a difference. I never really allowed myself to carry through, but I think it's lovely that perhaps this administration will inspire a new generation of poli/sci minors. Or even an older generation.

What I've been reading: The Southern Sisters series by Anne George... for about the twenty-teenth time. I love them. Mrs. George passed away in 2001 and when I found out I sat down and sobbed like I'd lost my grandma.

John and I watched "Gran Torino" and "Taken" this weekend. That's a big woo-hoo for "Gran Torino" and an eye-roll and lip-curl for "Taken".

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dude, I have totally learned how to crochet. I've been struggling with it all week. But I sat down yesterday and I just did it. Of course, I keep dropping stitches and I don't completely understand how to chain enough stitches at the end of my rows so that they'll be even... but all the same. I'm a total crafter.

It's been snowing for most of the day and I think I read so much during the month of December that I've burned out. I finished "The Crazy School" by Cornelia Read on Friday. It was crazy good. Terribly impressed by her.

John and I watched "Righteous Kill" last night. It was like a straight to video movie. What the hell were they thinking? Such a fine cast. Such a crap script. Gave me the oogies. I say skip it all together and re-watch "Heat".

Friday, January 16, 2009

Haven't posted mostly because I get home and workout and fix supper and do the odd chore and then I just die. The official temp. here is 10 degrees. Woke up this morning and there was a negative symbol on the thermometer. My skin's dry and itchy and my freakin' feet hurt like a right bastard. I, my friends, am a veritable pleasure.

On the positive side- today's Friday. Most of my bills are paid. My family is doing well. Just talked to Daddy and most everyone will be with he and Mama tomorrow. I think they're doing Christmas this weekend. All those kids. All that food. Wistfulness am I.

Savannah is postponed for a while. Which will in no way prevent me from pretending that I'm moving there or at the very least visiting.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hey Girls!

This blogpost is for my sisters because I'm never sure if Wendy checks her e-mail and sometimes I can be a wee bit ellusive when it comes to 'splaining things.

So girls: Check out the Green Palm Inn.. It's #3 on trip advisor and it looks lovely and the Royal Palm suite has a queen bed and a twin sized day bed. 160 a night and we get fed breakfast and dessert type things and (pleeze jeezus) wine and coffee.

The bad part is that I've just figured out that February and March are fruit of the womb season. Totally forgot. So if anyone wants to put this on the back burner I'm totally cool with that. Just give me a woot-woot.

Monday, January 12, 2009

At least I won't have to worry about this mouse showing up headless on my porch.

Sitting here with Lenny in my lap and I must say, I quite like it. It's been a very long time since I've had a lap cat. John and I have discussed it to death and we've come to terms with the fact that Beatrice isn't a pet. She's a member of the family. The cranky aunt who hides under the bed. I had her for 5 years before she and I began cohabitating with John and she's always been a bitch. From the get go. Nasty. She mellowed out a few years back and in the winter she would crawl in our laps for warmth. She was less nasty than usual. Now the boys are in her territory occasionally and she's become the uber-cat from hell. They never bother her, they become all subservient when she hisses at them. She has separate food and water and litter. But she hates their bloody guts. And most of the time she's not too keen on my guts. It makes me sad that she's so durn crotchety but it makes me happy that these guys dropped into our life. With their sweet little purrs and their warm bellies and their fishy breath.

By the by... I got approximately 45 non-consecutive minutes of sleep last night. Not sure why for. And the strangest part is that I've felt pretty good all day. Not overly tired. But I'm still gonna knock back an Ambien in a few minutes because a girls gots to gets her sleep if she's gonna bust her ass on the treadmill tomorrow.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Thems mah boys. On a very messy couch/nap corner. For those who have been keeping up, the fellas are about 8 months old now. Ernie's weighing in around 13 pounds. Mae and Lenny are about 9. They're brutes.
They said we were getting between 6 and 10 inches of snow. Thank Mama Nature it was only 4. Mostly today I just did house things. Worked out some and read some and cleaned some.

What I'm reading: "Shadow of the Wind" by Carlos Ruiz and "The Crazy School" by Cornelia Read.

While Mama was here she got us hooked on the tv show "House". So we've DVR'd a bunch of them and we're watching a couple episodes a day. Decent stuff. The last Christmas Mama was here she turned us on to the old show "What's My Line". We were seriously obsessed. We're like "What's My Line" experts now. I still harbor a really disturbing crush on Joey Bishop.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I am very distressed about my weight. Embarrassed and pissed off. Two years ago I started running and working out and then I did the South Beach diet and I lost 70 lbs. 7-0. I sit here, 2 years later, with 65 of those 70lbs strapped right back on. My excuse or reasons are many. Depression and the drugs that go with it, my foot pain, my laziness and love of food. Whatever the excuse, I know that I have to start back over and do it again. And I know it can be done. That being said, this will be my only post that is totally about my weight. Being fat is like having an STD. It's like wearing a big hat that says "I have the Clap" only you can't take the hat off. And everyone is really embarrassed for you, except for the other Clap-hat wearers. They're just glad they're not alone. And so I don't really want to bore everyone and humiliate myself through this whole process. That's why last night I decided to create a private blog that is strictly a diet and exercise journal. So private that it's (hopefully) not open to the public. It's MY Clap-hat, dammit.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh the Winter blues... I head back to work in the morning. In celebration, I've decided to start planning my next trip to Savannah. The one I can't afford, but have to plan and dream about so that I can stand myself and this frigid weather. Guess what? It's snowing.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

I'm pretty sure I've come down with some minor form of cabin fever. I'm not at all ready to go back to my job. But I am tired of the snow and the cold. There. I've said it. Feeling sad and pessimistic is all. No good for anyone. However, I shan't bring in the new year bitching and whining and carrying on. I'll save that for later on in the week. Am happy that Mama is here.