Sunday, January 25, 2009

Haven't had the faintest interest in blogging lately. Just ain't feeling it. Have had a bit of a belly-bug for the past week. Or maybe it's because of the diet change. That I'm making such an effort to eat well. It's shocking my system.

So what's been up? We've got ourselves a new got-dang president! I came home early Tuesday with the poops so in between bathroom breaks I got to watch the inauguration. I may end up kicking myself in the ass sometime down the road, but I am so flippin' happy that Barack Obama is the president of the United States. It's refreshing and exciting and motivating. It reminds me why I minored in Political Science so many years ago. Because I felt like I could possibly be part of the solution. Like I could get myself in there and make a difference. I never really allowed myself to carry through, but I think it's lovely that perhaps this administration will inspire a new generation of poli/sci minors. Or even an older generation.

What I've been reading: The Southern Sisters series by Anne George... for about the twenty-teenth time. I love them. Mrs. George passed away in 2001 and when I found out I sat down and sobbed like I'd lost my grandma.

John and I watched "Gran Torino" and "Taken" this weekend. That's a big woo-hoo for "Gran Torino" and an eye-roll and lip-curl for "Taken".

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