Monday, April 27, 2009

wearin' my country britches today

I'm definitely not a fan of country music these days. Everybody's too slick and pretty and polished. When I was growing up everyone listened to it. Even if you didn't like it, you still listened. So while I was outwardly flailing around to Nirvana and Alanis, under my breath I was humming The Judds and Alabama.

Feeling sort of gritty and rootsy today. Wanted to share a few of my old favorites.


Tonya said...

Man, Willie! I love all his stuff from around the time of Honeysuckle Rose. It's all good but when I think of him the music from that time seems to be what defines him in my mind. I even love that movie.

jan said...

Shit- I love that movie too! "Angel Flying Too Close" makes me squall like a baby.