Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nearly the middle of May and I'm in long pants and sleeves and I'm still chilly. Not that I mind it. Quite the contrary. I prefer this. If I'm living in New England I want New England weather. If I'm in NC it'd better be 85 with the sun shining bright as a bastard. I'm just saying... it ain't too warm. Beautiful. But decidedly cooler.

I'm home from work again today. Yesterday was hookie. Today I've got a serious case of the run-for-the-border belly hurts. The vapors if you will. Or won't. Makes no difference to me cause I'm home bound. Funny how I have no problem sharing my gastrointestinal woes with complete strangers on the interweb. Sort of exactly how I am with strangers in the real world.


Bette said...

Do you get home sick a lot? I've always lived in Tennessee, and when I graduate next May, I, hopefully, will have found a professorship somewhere, but this means that we'll have to move. It makes me excited and sad at the same time. Reading your blog makes me realize all of those feelings as a reality.

jan said...

Lordy-Lordy, I'm always homesick. I miss everyone all the time and I hate not being within at least a few hours driving distance. But you're right. It is absolutely exciting and liberating and wonderfully selfish to pack it all up and haul ass. My whole life, I couldn't wait to get out of Lincoln County. And now I spend the better part of my spare time planning trips back home.

Ain't never easy, is it?