Saturday, May 23, 2009

Was reading Rapunzel's blog today and wishing I was hanging out at the Tiki bar with her and the bikers and it made me think about my last trip back home. My sister Wendy and I had stopped to get a bite to eat and as were leaving the restaurant we noticed a dog sitting on the back of a parked Harley. We giggled and talked to the dog and she tilted her head at us but never budged from the back of the bike. After we pulled onto the highway Wendy told me to look behind us and there was the Harley dude and his dog. So as soon as we stopped at the next red light I jumped out of the car and asked the biker if I could take a picture and he didn't even hesitate, just snapped his fingers over his shoulder and said, "Here Bo! The lady wants your picture!".

A bit later he pulled into the left turning lane and slowed down parallel with us so that I could get an even better shot.

And speaking of bikers... this is my sweet-ass brother-in-law Aaron who has the smoothest, softest, best Carolina drawl ever, ever, ever.

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Rapunzel said...

Jan, I so wish you were partying with us and my biker friends, too! You just get yourself down to Florida one day, ok? If you tag along with us to Bike Week you'll see all kinds of animals, two legged and four. ;)