Saturday, May 16, 2009

What I did today: Ate breakfast with John. Zoomed in and out of Wal-Mart in under 15 minutes and bought gum, lifesavers, pancake mix and pet clippers. Got my hair cut. I now have side bangs and a choppy uber-trendy did. Aren't salons the best? Pamper me and spritz me and make me feel special. So after that, I came home and raked up literally 10 wheel barrow loads full of pine needles. Then I attempted to cut Bea's fur with said clippers. She looks like she got into a smackdown with a weed whacker and lost. Decided to take clippers back to Wal-Mart tomorrow. Then I played Pogo for an hour and then I ate Taco Bell for supper and then I picked 40-hundred ticks off the cats even though we just put Frontline Plus on them a week ago. Then I showered and shaved my legs and now I'm craving a McLatte.

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