Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby Showers... I know I love them. Seriously though. Just got back from Shari's shindig. Ate myself stupid and had a gay ol' girlie time. It was funness.

I've pretty much wasted my entire weekend on Youtube. Obsessing over Kelly Clarkson videos and amateur covers of that Seether/Amy Lee song "Broken". The best part about being 3 years behind on pop culture is that there's always something new to fascinate and entice me. Like Ellen and Pink singing in the bathroom which makes me laugh.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Damn You, Etsy...

If I had the sweet moolah I'd buy about 10 pair of these pants in various shades and I'd wear them every single day of my life. That's how much I covet them. In fact, I'm probably gonna buy a pair just to shut myself up.


I also desire this:


And these:


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Daddy's Day to my Daddy and to all the wonderful, stand-up Daddy's out there.

Wendy said the other day she watched an Elton John interview and Elton said that his whole life all he ever wanted to do was make his father love him. That his father was always embarrassed by him and that he never attended not even one of Elton's performances. That his father only told him he was proud of him right before he died. Elton says that's probably the reason he was so successful. Because he worked all his life just to hear those words.

I pondered on this and decided that that's probably the reason I never graduated from college or accomplished a whole hell of a lot. Because my daddy ALWAYS tells me he's proud. Has told me my entire life that he loves me and he's proud of me. So I've always felt that no matter what I did or decided not to do, my parents were going to stand by me and support me and love me.

It's awfully humbling and it's a beautiful burden. Knowing that I have this grand legacy of love and greatness to carry on.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Y'all know how I feel about Savannah, Ga. I love it like family. I'm all the time checking out hotels and BnB's and current goings ons and such. Well, the Savannah Bed and Breakfast Inn has a kick-ass deal going on. $99 a night for all remaining rooms through the beginning of September. But you have to book by June 30th. John and I have stayed here a few times and it's a lovely place in a lovely location and if you're at all familiar with Savannah you'll know that $99 is a lovely price for a BnB in the historic district. So if any one's thinking about vacationing, consider yourself informed.

The Parlor Room. From our first stay at this particular inn.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Killian Road

*Not pictured: The Poison Ivy that I apparently trampled through like a bare-footed hobbit. I'm bathing in the Calamine lotion, ya'll.
It's probably just me. Just the way my silly brain works. But sometimes I can actually remove myself from a moment and consciously realize that I feel well and am relatively happy. As in: "Hey. I don't feel like shit, right now. I don't feel like killing anyone. I think that means I feel good and I'm okay." And it's a good feeling. It's peaceful even if it's usually fleeting. Sometimes knowing that there have been times when I've felt decent makes the crap-ass times a little more bearable. That whole, "This too shall pass" mantra. Usually I can attribute my happy times to regulated blood-sugar levels. Driving up the driveway earlier this afternoon after sucking down an iced coffee and an oatmeal raisin cookie I had a euphoric moment. It was way nice.

So. What I've read: "The Knowledge of Water" by Sarah Smith. There's a prequel called "The Vanished Child". They're both kind of difficult reads. I think it's the syntax. 2/3 of the way through "Knowledge" I realized I had no clue what was really going on. None. So I didn't technically finish the last 10 pages.

Re-read "Anastasia Krupnik" by Lois Lowry while I was visiting my parents. It was just as good as I remembered.

Also: "Girls: A History of Growing up Female in America" by Penny Colman. Sort of a Scholastic reference book. Fabulous!

And what I'm currently reading: "A Long Way From Home" by Connie Briscoe.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A couple pics from this past week just to tide everyone over until I get my shit together and decide to do some real blogging.

Basically, I worked my ass off just about the whole time. But it was extremely fruitful. The plan was to clean Mama and Daddy's house. Not that it was dirty per se. Just really, really, really, really cluttered.



To the point where I feared for their safety. And since neither one of them get along so well (despite Daddy's brand-new-store-bought-knee but don't even get me started on that) and since I was tired of talking about it, I decided to just do it. So we did it. Wendy was over every night up to her balls in expired cans of Wasabi peas and vacuum cleaner attachments from circa 1970. Oh yes. I said Wasabi peas.

We did 2 rooms and 1 refrigerator. And by 1, I mean the one in the kitchen. Not the other 2 that sit on the carport or the deep freezer that's in the dining room. Ain't but 2 folks living in that house, ya'll.

and yes... that IS a bumble bee's ass

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So I reckon I'm officially on my mini-vacation. I fly out in the morning and I just threw a whole bunch of crap in a suitcase and that's about all the effort I'm willing to invest. I'm dog-tired. And it's only 55 degrees here and a rainy mess.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm pretty sure there's something seriously the matter with me. Between my obsessive dissatisfaction with the layout of this blog and my obsessive dissatisfaction with just about everything else in my life I'm turning into half a whack-job. And I'm taking the others with me. My life is a honkin' 3-ring circus littered with catnip toys and broken eyeglasses and week old partially consumed cups of coffee.

In the past 24 hours I've personally rescued 2 slobbered on chipmunks from the fearsome jaws of "the boys". I've also buried a half-mangled bird. Twice. And just now... like, literally JUST NOW I had to save a robin from Mae-Mae. Sometimes I turn a blind eye when I see them with critters. But lately for some reason it's really, really bothering me. And I'm a complete ostrich about the whole mess. As long as I don't see it I can keep skipping through the dewy meadows. I know it's natural. It's what they do... blah, blah, blah. But for pity's sake. Yesterday I saw this tiny little chipmunk standing on his hindlegs taking a swing at Ernie. The little bastard was fighting back and you know, you gotta help a brother out if he's giving it his all.

I wonder if this is how Jeffrey Dahmer's mama felt?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

You know who I miss?

This kid:

But guess what?

I get to see her next week.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

10% Real Horsey

Went with John to his liver specialist's appointment. Sat in the waiting room drinking iced coffee, reading 6 month old issues of the New Yorker and listening to some dude talk about how he plans on managing his methadone and oxycontin with his interferon treatments and how he knows he needs to go to more AA meetings. Motherfucker didn't shut up the entire time. If there's anyone more self-centered than an addict or former addict I hope to GOD I never ever cross their path. After we left I told John I'm thinking about getting a gun just so I can threaten people who talk too loudly or too much in waiting rooms. We both decided I probably should stop watching "The Godfather" every night.

On the way home we stopped at Arbys and drowned our sorrows and our shirt fronts in horsey sauce.

What I've read: "Plain Song" by Kent Haruf. Just wonderful. "Hawkes Harbour" by S.E. Hinton. Yes. THAT S.E. Hinton. It was a damn train wreck.

What I'm reading: "The Knowledge of Water" by Sarah Smith.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to my see-stur!

Today is Angie's birthday. I will not tell every one how old she is. Instead I will tell everyone that I will be 33 in a couple of months and my terrif-ulous sister is 11 years older than I am.

Some of the things I love about Angela:

1) She's always polite and courteous.
2) She could teach college courses on "How to be an active listener". She's not just a good listener. She's the frickin' listening guru.
3) As long as you make sure she's home in bed by 9pm she's always up for a good adventure.
4) She and my brother-in-law Imad used to attend my school functions when my parents were too tired. Which I think is sweet and cute.
5) She'll still speak to me after I've told the world how old she is.

I love you!