Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A couple pics from this past week just to tide everyone over until I get my shit together and decide to do some real blogging.

Basically, I worked my ass off just about the whole time. But it was extremely fruitful. The plan was to clean Mama and Daddy's house. Not that it was dirty per se. Just really, really, really, really cluttered.



To the point where I feared for their safety. And since neither one of them get along so well (despite Daddy's brand-new-store-bought-knee but don't even get me started on that) and since I was tired of talking about it, I decided to just do it. So we did it. Wendy was over every night up to her balls in expired cans of Wasabi peas and vacuum cleaner attachments from circa 1970. Oh yes. I said Wasabi peas.

We did 2 rooms and 1 refrigerator. And by 1, I mean the one in the kitchen. Not the other 2 that sit on the carport or the deep freezer that's in the dining room. Ain't but 2 folks living in that house, ya'll.

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Tonya said...

glad to hear from ya. i've been checking in for an update on your trip.