Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to my see-stur!

Today is Angie's birthday. I will not tell every one how old she is. Instead I will tell everyone that I will be 33 in a couple of months and my terrif-ulous sister is 11 years older than I am.

Some of the things I love about Angela:

1) She's always polite and courteous.
2) She could teach college courses on "How to be an active listener". She's not just a good listener. She's the frickin' listening guru.
3) As long as you make sure she's home in bed by 9pm she's always up for a good adventure.
4) She and my brother-in-law Imad used to attend my school functions when my parents were too tired. Which I think is sweet and cute.
5) She'll still speak to me after I've told the world how old she is.

I love you!


Rapunzel said...

she sounds amazing! Happy Birthday, Angela!

Bette said...

Your sister is very pretty. Someone should tell her.

Too much backlog to comment, but your last several posts were just lovely. Thanks for sharing.

jan said...

I will certainly pass along everyone's gracious comments!