Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Daddy's Day to my Daddy and to all the wonderful, stand-up Daddy's out there.

Wendy said the other day she watched an Elton John interview and Elton said that his whole life all he ever wanted to do was make his father love him. That his father was always embarrassed by him and that he never attended not even one of Elton's performances. That his father only told him he was proud of him right before he died. Elton says that's probably the reason he was so successful. Because he worked all his life just to hear those words.

I pondered on this and decided that that's probably the reason I never graduated from college or accomplished a whole hell of a lot. Because my daddy ALWAYS tells me he's proud. Has told me my entire life that he loves me and he's proud of me. So I've always felt that no matter what I did or decided not to do, my parents were going to stand by me and support me and love me.

It's awfully humbling and it's a beautiful burden. Knowing that I have this grand legacy of love and greatness to carry on.

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