Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Alright people... you heard it here first. I may be leaving John for Kevin Skinner the unemployed chicken catcher. I can't stop crying. What the hell's the matter with me for cripes sake?


Bette said...

Ha, those bitches aren't laughing at him anymore!

Tonya said...

wow. thanks for that. he seemed like he could hardly hold it together when they were talking a the end of the vote. how genuine. i love people like that. my whole family related by my step-father that lives near the kentucky line is exactly that way. they wouldn't put on for obama or the queen of england. ya gotta love that.

jan said...

i just loved everything about this. i showed it to john and he was like, "wow. he's got a pretty decent voice." and i was like dude, it's not even his voice. it's the sweet sweet justice of it all. how he shut that room full of bigots UP. how pure and genuine and gracious he seemed.

i'm telling you, ladies. john better watch the fuck out.