Monday, July 20, 2009

Decided to take Bette's advice.

Also thought she'd appreciate this picture I made John snap on his Blackjack yesterday.


Bette said...

You are correct, madam! I do appreciate the photo! I knew you'd like some Gillian. My fellow small town Southern girls in the know put me up to listening to Gillian. If you don't know it already, check out No One Knows My Name.

Amanda said...

Gil is just about the best thing ever. I saw her in a kinda small venue in Nashville once, she was a guest of the Old Crow Medicine Show, and I think I freaked her out because I kept trying to make eye contact with her. Sorry, Gil.

P.S. Also check out "Wayside," and "Wrecking Ball," and lots of other stuff too. I had "By The Mark" played at my dad's funeral. Sorry, didn't mean to get morbid on ya.

jan said...

It's funny because I've known about her but I've only recently "discovered" her.

Thanks to the two of you this is my summer of Gillian Welch and the Avett Brothers. I'm checking it all out.