Friday, July 10, 2009

Everyone's all up in the air about the weather and how we're not really having a summer and it rains all the time. Of course, I have to be contrary. I'm a regular Contrary Mary. I like the rain. And I like not having a hot-ass summer. That said, I took the day off from work and John and I headed north to New Hampshire for the day. With no real destination in mind we wound up at Canterbury Shaker Village. They don't allow photography inside so you'll have to trust me when I say that those Shakers could build the hell out of some furniture. So basically the village is a commune and communal living fascinates the shit out of me. I used to want to live on one until I realized that everyone needs to be skilled at something for it to work. So unless snarkiness and spewing forth inappropriate remarks constitute skills, I'm pretty certain the commune folk can live without me. Back to the village... it was really the most lovely kind of summer day imaginable. Here are a few pictures.


Tonya said...

i like that lake photo so much i stole it, made it even bluer to match your blog and turned it into a cat day afternoon banner if you ever want one. i'm just in one of those moods to play in photoshop.

i'm sure i'd love that place.

jan said...

okay you skillfull artistic girl you. how do i go about getting that banner?

i don't have photoshop but i downloaded last week. i have no idea how to use it... it sits on my desktop and taunts me.