Sunday, July 19, 2009

For my birthday, John and I decided to argue and snip at one another. It was delightful. In between the eye-rolling and muttered swearing he took me to see "Harry Potter". That part was fun. Really fun. I love everything about HP and I think JK Rowling is the second coming. After the movie we attempted to eat in peace at Chipotle cause I love burritos almost as much as HP. However... that failed rather miserably so we brought the burritos home and John made me take a nap.

That was all yesterday. Today was a bit better. And since today is my official 33rd birthday, I got to eat cake and ice cream and I read in bed and John and I only got into one nas-tay altercation. He put me down for my nap a little earlier so that I would be well-rested for my cake and ice cream party.

Tonight I plan on watching Miss Marple on Masterpiece Theatre, eating more cake and hanging out with the boys.


Bette said...

Happy Birthday! Go listen to some Gillian Welch.

Tonya said...

happy birthday!

jan said...

Thank you, chicas!