Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Suhster!

For the record: We were in about the 12th hour of cleaning Mama's room so us is looking pretty rough. And we'd just found a shopping bag full of those mirrors hanging on a nail in the back of her closet so we were trying to figure out why one little woman would want or need so many friggin' mirrors. This was one of our answers.

Today is Wendy's birthday. And in the grand tradition of being a little shit I'll go ahead and tell you that she's 47. Oh girl, you know I loves you.

Okay, so Wendy is the be all end all funniest chick I've ever known. Ever. There's crap she said like 15 years ago that I still quote. In between my college years and my move north, she and I used to spend many a weekend traveling Blue Ridge mountain roads listening to Dolly Parton and CSN&Y, trying to hike trails to waterfalls and haunting witch/bookstores. I miss those times more than one can imagine.

A few thangs I love about Wendy:

1) She's really funny. It bares repeating.
2) She's warped in the best possible way.
3) When I need to vent about Mama and Daddy, she KNOWS.
4) She loves books as much as I do.
5) She's an animal person and a garden digger.
6) She's the Mama of 2 girls and the Nana of 2 girls and they all look exactly like her.
7) She says things like: "Wal-Mart was having a 1/2 off sale on Velveeta so I bought 5 of 'em. Girl, I'm the QUEEN of the trailer park now!"

Grease Weezer

Happy Birthday Wendy!!!

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Tonya said...

hey i have a suhster too. she lives in wrightsville ga and that is excactly the way she says it when she tells everyone who i am. she's not funny though. the funny one is the one who grew up with me here in TN. she always says what she thinks and everyone loves her for it.

love that velvetta thing. too funny.