Sunday, July 5, 2009

I find myself frequently disappointed with people who do not love animals. To each his own and all of that, but when I discover that someone has no pets or if they out and out say that they don't care for cats or dogs or water dragons or what the hell ever, that person becomes automatically non-existant in my eyes. It's one of the few characteristics that someone can display that will cause me to never want to speak to them again. I don't care if you feed the hungry and clothe the poor and spend your summers re-building war torn villages in Honduras. If you don't display compassion towards animals you're not worth my time. Be glad the Hondurans need your cold ass because I sure as hell don't.


I mean honestly. Who couldn't love this?


Bette said...

Agreed! I judge all humans by their ability to care for and appreciate our animal friends. Those who can't be bothered to take a moment for my dogs are never invited back to my home.

Rapunzel said...

Totally agree! My middle daughter recently dismissed a possible suitor because he didn't like her pet rat or..gasp..any of our cats!

To us, a human's worth in our lives is very much determined by his love for animals. We simply can't relate to non-animal lovers!

Tonya said...

i took my post down cause i didn't mean to make you feel bad. i just wanted to explain in case i ever slip up. i love it here. you always make me smile.

jan said...

tonya- if you ever "slip up" i'll be sure and keep my big trap shut and we'll call ourselves even, m'kay?