Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh sa-nap, ya'll! I'm learning how to crop and shade and color in the lines with the Picasa. I've wasted at least an hour with this mess. But I gotta tell you. It was sort of fun.

Today I had to make an emergency doctors appointment. Yes. The Poison Ivy is that bad. I've always been one of those pitiful ass youngins with the crusty nose and the bleeding mosquito bites and all sorts of nasty skin maladies... impetigo, ringworm, cat-scratch fever... When I was 9 I had a rampant case of cold and canker sores on my upper lip of all places. It was barely noticeable. Particularly after they bled and crusted over the 5th time. When I was 11 I had the cat-scratch fever which affected the lymph node in my neck. Swelled up like a goiter for a couple of months until it finally burst the night of the Christmas play. You can't make this shit up.

So here I sit. Nearly 25 years later, the brand new owner of my very own 12 day course of Prednisone. Covered in Caladryl. Still whiney and high maintenance.

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