Friday, July 3, 2009

So I've been working just a crazy amount of hours this week. And I was trying to be all positive about it and tell myself that it's all good because then we can save up some money and I can afford my next vacation and all that but the real bitch of the matter is that I was so exhausted from all the working that I neglected to check my bank account so I overdrew and so things like a $2 cup of coffee wound up costing me $27 with the bank fees and now instead of squirreling money away I'm breaking even. Exactly even. I know that it's gauche and unseemly and just plain old common as pig tracks to talk about money and I also know that I should be thankful that I'm even instead of negative but really ya'll- I'm just disgusted.

Of course I blame John for all of this. John who was up this morning at 6 doing all of our laundry. John who's been scooping out litter boxes and de-ticking cats and vacuuming floors and washing sink loads of nasty-ass dishes and fielding phone calls from friends and family and rubbing my aching feet and shoulders and telling me every 3 minutes that he loves me and asking me how I can manage to be so pretty when I first wake up (even though I'm almost positive he was being a smart ass). Yeah, him... he's the one I blame. Big ol' doofusy tool.

So this post is for John. "Don't you know that if I didn't love you, you'd be dead by now?"

Also: A special thank you to Rapunzel for the link to the new blog look. I was wondering what I'd be doing this July 4th weekend and now I have my answer... trying out every single layout at least 3 times a piece.


hicktowndiva said...

Ooh, look how handsome he is AND he de-ticks cats? That man is a gem! Sorry you're so and money will wear a person flap out. Hope you get a little break for the 4th!

Rapunzel said...

I love the new layout, so glad I could help! :)

And that John is a sweetie, what a good guy! But of course you knew that ;)

jan said...

Thanks Ladies!

Bette said...

I should've named my blog "Complacencies of the INAPPROPRIATE," as I never can contain my proclivity to reveal too much information.