Thursday, July 16, 2009

There are things I'd like to talk about. Like how it's really nasty humid here. Not hot. But still tropical. The kind of humid that pools at the small of your back and makes pulling your underwear up and down extra difficult. And how it's probably gonna rain soon and that's okay because all the c-a-t's are inside so we don't have to play doorman during a monsoon which is always fun and dry.

Then there's the family of raccoons that are living in the woods and eating our leftover kibble and swinging from our apple tree:

There's also the fact that I need to buy a plane ticket for my next cleaning foray back home. But I'm probably gonna have to fly out of Boston if I don't want to pay through the nose and I hate Logan airport. I have my reasons.

There are books I've read: a couple disappointing Nancy Atherton mysteries and "Evan's Gate" by Rhys Bowen. The movies I've watched: Miss. Marple on Masterpiece Theater. The decision I've made to lay off of sugar and salty snacks for a while. How I need to exercise more and get a gotdang decent haircut and how I've discovered a few white hairs at my temples and how I never thought that sort of thing would cause me to hyperventilate but what do you know? I did.

The excitement I feel because the sisters and I are going to Savannah the first week of October *You got that Angie?* and that means I get to find us a place to stay.

Finally, I'd like to talk about how John's taking me to the movies (Harry Potter!)and then out to eat this weekend. And how that makes everything a bit more tolerable.


Tonya said...

i think this is my favorite blog look so far and that banner is perfect with the other colors on the layout.

and dang it don't tell me one of your sister's name is angie. so is mine. i have an angie and a trista. if ya can't tell, different mothers named them.

jan said...

thank you! you know what? i'm leaving the layout this way for a while. it's driving me nuts.

yup. there's an angie and a wendy and janet. totally 60's/70's Bronx, NY names. even though we were all born in lincoln county, NC.