Monday, July 27, 2009

There's a storm a-brewing. We've been having a couple a week up here which is nice because OCD John has to unplug everything electrical and that means I don't have to tolerate that damn television. I hate that damn television. And that damn phone. I hate that damn phone even more than I hate that damn television. So in another half hour they'll both be electra-non-grata.

It was a weird-ass weekend. By weird, I mean disturbing. Too much back story to share right now. And I really wouldn't be giving the whole situation the attention it deserves if I half told it. I'll collect my thoughts and ramble about it all in my next post.

Going back home for a visit next week. More cleaning and bonding and drinking and sweating.


Buddy Crawford said...

Janet, you have an interesting, really strong voice. I would love to read a short story by you. Do you have one that you can e-mail me?

jan said...

hey buddy. thanks for this. i write with a pen so i don't have anything on the 'puter. but i'll see what i can do.