Sunday, August 2, 2009

Four Letter Word Starts With S

Just realized that it's Sunday and there's no Miss Marple tonight. How depressing. I even had John watching it over the top of his Blackberry. What ever shall we do?

So I've made the plunge and have decided to lose weight. This is prompted by my general all around feeling of shite. I know I've made this pledge to myself before and that I promised I wouldn't flood my blog with "o, woe is me and my fat ass" trite, but I've changed my mind. Been reading other folk's blogs and have been inspired and motivated. Really, my first step is cutting out the extra non-meal shit. I'm thinking the title to this post should've been "Shit". I haven't had any sugary/salty goodness since Thursday. Yesterday I did an hour of Turbo Jam. It's that simple isn't it? Stop eating so much shit -see what I mean- and shake my booty a little more.

What I'm reading: "Nightshade" by Susan Wittig Albert

While I don't advocate diet pills I sure do love those Slim Quick commercials.

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