Monday, August 3, 2009

Headed back to Lincoln County tomorrow for another vacation. There seems to be some debate as to who will pick me up. Angie called to offer to swing by the airport on her way to Mama and Daddy's since she'll be driving through Charlotte at that time. She told me it was up to me. Let's see... my sister picking me up in her new snazzy red convertible or my parents picking me up in their 10 year old Accord. Hmmm...

John will be living the bachelor life while I'm away. That means All Baseball, All The Time. There will be large sweaty men in my living room, sitting on my furniture, swearing and farting. It makes me queasy just picturing it.

I did really well with the not snacking this weekend. Ate lots of veggies and very little fat. Took John out for Mexican this evening. Ate a shrimp chimichanga. It was un-freaking-believably good and I don't regret it for a second. Came home and worked out for 50 minutes so somehow it's all gotta even out.

Things I loved about today:

1- Eating a shrimp chimichanga
2- Getting the following text message from my sister Wendy:
"I am holding the new Pat Conroy as I text you."
To which I responded:
"You bitch!"

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