Saturday, September 5, 2009

We have a compost site. We don't actually use it for gardening or anything. We just throw our old food and grass clippings and all that mess out there and then later watch the wild critters prowl around. So obviously it's more for entertainment purposes rather than an ecologically correct sort of thing. Yesterday I cleaned out the refrigerator and then trekked my ass out to the compost with some stinking old bread and beans and celery and I get out there and I'm like, "Wait. Who the hell threw a pumpkin on my compost heap?". Cause I was almost certain that I hadn't. It took me a couple of minutes to realize that there was more than one pumpkin and that that huge plant growing in the middle of the egg shells and rotten lettuce is, you dumb ass (meaning me, of course), a pumpkin plant.

Yes. I'm a master of deduction. At any rate, we're terribly excited about our pumpkin patch.

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