Thursday, October 1, 2009

Needed to feel a bit more festive so I redesigned my layout. This could turn out to be like last time so don't anyone get too used to this look.

What I'm reading: "Among The Mad" by Jacqueline Winspear. Honestly, it's taking me forever cause I'm just not into it. I'm also semi-reading "The #1 Ladies Detective Agency", which is a book I've sort of happily avoided for nearly 10 years but Lynn gave me a copy so I'm feeling obligated. I didn't think I would hate it because I happened to catch part of the movie/tv series the other night and I saw Jill Scott was in it and hey, I like Jill Scott, but guess what? I still don't like it.

Mostly what I've been doing with my time is watching bootleggah downloads of Miss Marple on YouTube and riding the crimson wave of womanhood. I took a stroll down the drive way earlier and though it was pretty and autumnal, I nearly froze my ninnies off. Right this minute, it's 53 degrees.

P.S. That's our Ernesto Pantusso in the header. He's splendid and exquisite and chock full o' pretty. He's also quite handy at ridding the world of small rodents so if any one out there's got themselves a squirrel infestation I could be talked into whoring him out.

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Rapunzel said...

right behind you on the crimson wave...probably explains the sudden desire for all things domestic!