Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our coffee maker finally crapped out on us so we took the bull by the horns and got ourselves a Keurig. We took it out of the box, set it up, purged it a couple of times and then made our first cup. It was like watching a baby take its first steps. That's how excited we were. Standing over the Keurig with our arms wrapped around one another, all grins and beatific smiles. We're happy.

Last night we attended Kendall's christening. Being an ex-Southern Baptist kind of chick, this was my first christening. It was very lovely and very fast and it was performed by Father John who was one of the three (yes, 3!) priests that John and I were seated with at Chris and Shari's wedding reception. Father John was the first priest I'd ever met. He's a schmoozer with a great voice and he tells a really good story. After the christening everyone headed back to the Ternowchek commune, which, by the way, was housing 4 new people. That's 11 total. I'm pretty sure that qualifies them for some sort of tax exemption. We ate and drank and kissed babies and wrangled children and it was raining heavily and nearly 70 degrees. Then we headed back home and watched Paranormal Activity. Scary-ass movie.

Other stuff going on: Reading way too many books at one time. "Pride and Prejudice", "The #1 Ladies Detective Agency", "Defending Angels"... Trying to cram them all in before November 1st when I'll begin NaNoWriMo and won't have time to read.

Am also heading back home in a few weeks to spend some time with Mama and Daddy and also to attend my 15th high school reunion. So for all of those folks out there who keep sending me Facebook messages: Have no fear. Your gathering will have no shortage of snarkily inappropriate/profane comments. Jan will be there.

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