Sunday, December 6, 2009

I've started this damn blog entry about twenty-teen times and I'm just not feeling it so I guess I'm gonna have to stick to short to the point sentences. It snowed a couple of inches. It's cold. I haven't brushed my teeth today. I haven't left the house/yard since 5:30 Friday evening. I made oatmeal chocolate chip walnut cookie bars yesterday. There's still over half a pan left so I'm not nearly as gluttonous as I feel. I finished reading "Tales Of The City" by Armistead Maupin. I loved it. I want a Christmas tree. We don't have room for a Christmas tree. The cat's would eat and then shit out a Christmas tree. In keeping with that piece of holiday cheer here's my super-duper-ficial materialistic wishlist for Santa or for anyone else who wins the lottery and wants to shut me up:

1) An elliptical or treadclimber machine. Whichever one will allow me to work up the biggest amount of sweat in the least possible amount of time.

2) An Acer netbook with a 250 GB HD, 6 cell battery and 2 GB RAM. I simply will not accept anything less.

2) A Motorola Karma.

3) A brand new right foot in perfect working/walking/running/sitting on my ass condition.

4) Hagrid's hut.

5) A tricked out pimped out SUV of the mafia wife persuasion that runs on air or wind or something eco-friendly.

6) A six pack of white cotton granny panties that don't bunch or sag. That's right. No bunch granny drawers. White ones.

7) A Valium drip.

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