Thursday, December 10, 2009

A year ago today I was recuperating from bunion surgery and probably wearing the exact same clothes I'm wearing right now. Tuesday I went to see foot doctor #2 because I'm nervous about seeing foot doctor #1 since my foot still hurts like a bastard. Sometimes it hurts even worse than a bastard. It's been nearly two years and this foot of mine has fluctuated between constant and semi-constant pain the entire time. It's sickening and nauseating and makes me pissy and bitchy and useless. So, back to FD#2. He said the only thing I can do is have another surgery, which is pretty much what I expected him to say. So now I'm going back to FD#1 and see what he says. Here's the deal though. I can't afford no stinkin' surgery. Short-term disability is for punk-ass bitches who don't like to eat or shower in doors. Cause let me tell you, 60% of my income will buy me a cup of coffee and pay maybe two of my 900 bills. So that's that. Something for me to mull over.

John and I ate Mexican for supper and I drank a three dollar Margarita and bought a new broom at WalMart because John used our old broom to sweep snow off the porch and the cars. Mmm-hmm. Snow. And ice. Tis the season of purple fingertips and wearing a ski hat to bed. The cats have fattened up significantly for the winter. Their bellies are all hard and they feel like grub worms when I pick them up. John's taken to calling Ernie "Fluffernutless".

My plans for the weekend involve de-icing the freezer and trying to talk John into going to either the Wadsworth or the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. I crave museums. I love them so much I could spit.


Bette said...

All of this ice and snow talk is making my little Southern soul crumble. You are seriously making me rethink a move outside of this region, Jan!

jan said...

I say follow your bliss! Just bear in mind that your bliss might freeze her ass off. Seriously though, if you do move up to my neck of the woods we could totally get together and exchange scarves and knitted hats and warm woolen mittens.