Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cleaned out the freezer this morning and found some frozen Brontosaurus burgers and four opened packages of corn niblets. It's still snowing. Finished reading "Wormwood" by Susan Wittig Albert. Finished watching "Cranford". Put on a bra and went out in public. Have mauled and molested and kissed all of the cats until they can no longer stomach the sight of me... so now they just close their eyes while I maul and molest and kiss. Mama's kitty 'House' got run over a couple of weeks ago and I must confess that I'm harboring a bit of resentment towards her for even allowing him to be outside. Their road is a notorious death trap for furry friends. Any outside animal I ever owned growing up wound up squashed. Now she feels guilty and she misses him and every time she mentions it I heave a sigh and change the subject. He was a really, really good cat. I have pictures, but I can't post them because it'll make me too sad.

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