Saturday, January 2, 2010

I've been playing around with my other blog 'suhster gurl' this morning. Just messing with fonts and pictures and layouts. Something to pass the time. Check it out if you'd like. The beauty of the internet is that it allows non-artistic folk such as myself to feel expressive.

It's snowing again. Snowed Thursday. Snowed yesterday. Snowing again today. Best part about the snow is that at least it's above freezing. That and the quiet. I waddled out to the barn a couple of hours ago to put food out for Aggie and it was pure, gorgeous silence. Only the twitter of birds. I think in a past life I may have been deaf and my auditory senses still haven't recovered. It's beautiful though, the snow. Which reminds me of a funny story. Years ago, when I was still living in NC, I'd gone to visit Natalie in Asheville. It was summer and she and Ben and Amelia and I were out one night trying to find a short cut to some redneck seafood place they loved. Ben was driving and we were all talking and singing and after what felt like hours of winding mountain roads one of us asked what the hell was taking so long. It was really dark and the bugs were so thick they nearly blinded the road. "Oh my god. Is that snow? Are we up the mountain so high it's snowing?" I asked. And Ben said, "No, I think we've been just driving so long it's winter now."

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