Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Norman Rockwell. Also, Happy Anniversary to my sweet loving man. Nine years ago yesterday I moved to this god forsaken frozen yankee-land just to be with him. It's ironic that today is Mr. Rockwell's birthday, because during our first year of courting, John took me to the NR-Museum in Stockbridge, Mass. He was trying to impress me. Trying to wow me over. It's impossible to get any more New Englandy than Stockbridge. He also took me to Concord, Mass which is, duh, the home of Louisa Mae Alcott and Thoreau and that whole lot. We were surprised to discover that Rockwell had painted Jo March and Professor Bhaer in the above picture. Sometimes things just fit together like puzzle pieces.

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Tonya said...

happy anniversary.

we went to a huge Rockwell exhibit at the High in Atlanta and it was fabulous. it's mind blowing how much work went into one of his pieces.