Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm making a Mexican/Fajita chicken soup for supper tonight. Mostly because I have an extra packet of Old El Paso fajita mix and a half a pound of raw chicken in my fridge. That's what makes it Mexican, by the way. The fajita mix. I love what Americans do to ethnic cuisine. Throw a packet of Old El Paso on something and suddenly we're all wearing sombreros. Add a couple dashes of soy sauce and you're in the far east. Anyway, it's snowing. Been snowing all day so I figured it would be a cozy environ if I made the soup.

I stopped by the Salvation Army this afternoon on the way home from work and found a whole lot of nothing until I browsed the books one by one and found a hardback copy of "A Reliable Wife" by Robert Goolrick. This was a mega-find, because last week I was at the grocery store and I spotted this book, so I wrote the name down and ordered it from the library. Been waiting on it ever since. Then I was over on Rapunzel's blog a few days later and she reviewed it and raved about it and that got me even more jacked up. So today, I bit the bullet and paid $5 for a used book. The Salvation Army has some effed up book prices. Whatever. I'm happy, dammit.