Monday, February 1, 2010

This chick is my latest YouTube find. I am absolutely enthralled with her voice and I make John listen to at least one of her uploads every day. Her handle over on the Tube is Kennedy Productions. Go have a listen.

Apart from that, here's the latest. We woke up this morning and it was 48 degrees in the living room. Some thing's wrong with our thermostat and even though the heater guy came and replaced something and even though it's supposed to be working right now- it's not. I'm not literally freezing to death. It only feels that way. Haven't been posting lately because my attitude is funk-ass rotten. The j-o-b's got me down. The winter chill's got me down. I'm mostly just working out a lot and trying not to eat too much crap.

What I'm reading: "Death of Riley" by Rhyss Bowen. What I've watched: "Twilight". I've told y'all I'm about three years behind on all the trends. Which probably accounts for my recent discovery of Lady Gaga. I think she might be evil because I can't stop listening to her.

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