Friday, February 19, 2010

Y'all ever hear of the Sesamoid Bones? They're these two tiny pea sized little bones that are embedded inside a tendon in the bottom of your foot beneath your big toe... and one of mine is fractured. Which accounts for the tremendous amount of pain and bitching I do. Today I sat down with Dr. Scanlon and he brought in another hoof doctor and they consulted with one another and with me about the results of my MRI. Advanced arthritis? Yup. Nerve damage? Yup. Bone spurs, fractured sesamoid, and bone fragments floating around? Yup, yup and hell-to-the-yup. I got it all, baby. For a sick split second I felt validated. 'Ha! See, I TOLD you there's something wrong with me!' And then I just felt sick and pissed. Because this means another surgery. This sucks a duck on so many freaking levels.

I'm tired of this shit. I want some happy news.

I want a kitchen with heart of pine floors and a sub-zero refrigerator and a sink so deep you could bathe a toddler in it.

What I'm reading: Just finished "The Old Fox Deceived" by Martha Grimes. Number two in the Richard Jury series. Really good stuff, these books. I'll probably be picking up number three this weekend. Also re-read "Blue Christmas" by Mary Kay Andrews, in honor of my favorite city. Read an article about Ramadan in a "High Lights" magazine at the doctors office. Read the atlas at lunch today.

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Tonya said...

i too say shit to that lady. it's just not right. hope this next job does the trick.