Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Good Day

It all began with a lie. John lying to a friend of his who calls every weekend wanting to take us out to breakfast. Telling him we were going to New Hampshire for the day. And before we even thought about it, we were both showered and dressed and out the door. We ate lunch at Betty's Kitchen. John had the stuffed french toast and I had a veggie stuffed spinach wrap that was smothered in hollandaise. There's really no such thing as too much hollandaise. I'd like to die by drowning in a vat of hollandaise. Afterward I raided the Goodwill and bought eleven books and a Limoges bowl all for $16.

Of course, we finished our trip with the ocean. Driving up Rt.1 through Hampton and Rye. Watching the waves spray over the ocean barrier. Making fun of all of the dog-owners who dress their pets in silly crocheted sweaters.

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Tonya said...

those photos look yum.