Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Threw Up

It all went smoothly. Other than being dehydrated, which made my head throb and my veins disappear, I was fine. I charmed all of the doctors and nurses in the operating room and they must have been talking about me while I was out because later on, the anesthesiologist asked me questions about Earl Scruggs and Doc Watson. I have no recollection of telling anyone I was from North Carolina. Not that this hillbilly accent of mine ain't obvious... but still. I'm pretty sure I was being discussed. They made me eat half of a corn muffin and drink apple juice. Then they gave me a barf bag for the ride home, even though the ride home is less than ten minutes. It's a good thing, too. Because that apple juice was not my friend.

John has been taking wonderful care of me. Feeding me peanut butter on Ritz crackers and making me cups of strong coffee.


Tonya said...

ouch. hope your back up on your feet/foot soon.

jan said...

thanks, girlie