Friday, March 5, 2010

Since November, John and I have been trying to trap Aggie so that we can get her up to date on her shots and so that we can, once again, attempt to handle her. And since November we've been unable to find anyone with a trap they were willing to part with for a couple of hours. But yesterday was the day. We trapped her, called the vet and, 'cause Dr. Norris is the best wing-nut vet around, we were able to get her all innoculated and vaccinated and right with Jesus.

Aggie lives under the recliner, now. Safe from coyotes and rabid raccoons and horny stray cats and snow and rain. She ain't none too happy about it, but we sure as hell are.

I still think it's incredible that there can be five cats in this tee-niney little trailer and we can go hours and hours and never even see one.

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