Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I had an eye appointment today. They dilated me and even though it gave me a headache (yeahyeah, what doesn't) it was still pretty cool, aesthetically. I thought I looked rather fetching and mysterious with huge pupils. It completely changes the look of your face. I told John I was thinking about getting big pupilly contacts. I'm not gonna tell you what he said in reply, but I will say that it wasn't very complimentary.

These are the glasses I wound up with after an hour of trying on every pair twice. I wanted to get the big pink tricked out pimped out D&G's, but honestly, I think I'm over that phase.

Plus, I can go to Zenni Optical and buy five pairs of hipster-doofus glasses for what I ended up paying today.

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cotton girl said...

Hi Jan - I was so happy to see you as a follower of my blog! Woo-hoo! I enjoy your blog too. Your cat, Aggie, is beautiful! (I love the tortie look).