Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I've been busy redesigning. I had tried using the new blogger template designer, but for some reason I wasn't allowed access. Blogger was being very aloof and I had to learn the secret handshake. Now that I know it, I'll be using it way more often. Even though I'm pretty pleased with this outcome.

Yesterday I rode along with John to his liver specialists appointment. He dropped me off at Borders and then picked me up afterward. I bought The Cracker Queen by Lauretta Hannon. And then I curled up in a chair with a coffee and a book of useless trivia and found out that Naomi Watts's father was a road manager for Pink Floyd and that the actor who played Radar O'Reilly on MASH has a deformed left hand and that Marilyn Monroe used to bleach her pubic hair. Later on, we ate at Chipotles. I ate way too much guacamole and rice, which caused me to whine the entire way home until John finally told me to "just sit there and be quiet". Then I stopped whining, but only because I was too busy laughing at his stern voice.

Speaking of Mr. Grumpy McSternstein, he has to have another liver biopsy and also an echocardiogram because his doctor doesn't have any other patients who have been on Interferon for as long as John and he wants to make sure everythings functioning properly. Yes, please.

Finally, while I'm still not yet sharing Flat Stanley's adventures. I will post a couple pictures in slightly ambiguous places. It's all very covert, donchya know?

Me and Stan sitting in a hot as hell bronzed chair in front of a gigantic sculpture of a terribly famous children's book.

Stan visited his first New England stone wall. Although this one is obviously a newer one.

Stan in the gardens of some groovy place.

Stan and his first MassPike toll ticket. You won't find that in Pumpkin Center.


Angie said...

I wanna be Flat Stanley! Especially at the children's books place! Take me there when I come up please!

jan said...

You just fold yourself up and have Imad stick you in an envelope and I'll take you anywhere your little heart desires!

cotton girl said...

That Flat Stanley is one lucky fella! "Oh, the places he'll go!" Hope you are doing well and John's okay.