Tuesday, April 13, 2010

John had an appointment with an MRI machine today at UMass-Worcester and I tagged along for the ride. Actually, I tagged along for the cafeteria. UMass is a teaching hospital, and it's like a city inside a city. Their cafeteria rocks my world. I had chicken salad and tabbouleh and cucumbers in an entire pita pocket with a side of chips and a pickle and it cost $3.50. And it was good as hell. After John got out of the torture chamber he had one too. The two of us ate for less than 8 bucks. If I could, I'd go back for supper.

Daddy's in the hospital with pneumonia. Or, "the newmawney" as my sister's and I like to call it. From what I can decipher from my mama, he's doing really well. He also has an ulcer on one of his feet, which ain't no joke, cause he's diabetic and also because a couple of years ago he had necrotizing fasciitis so we're all a little leery anytime he gets major wounds. You can click the link if you want. But I'm warning you, there are pictures on there that could gag a maggot.

Movies I've watched on the Netflix: "The Orphanage" which I loved. It's Spanish and creepy and beautiful. "Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day" with Frances McDormand and Amy Adams. I think I may love Amy Adams. But I'm also pretty sure I can't stand her. Which is sort of the reason I love her. I look at her and think I'm going to hate her, but then five minutes later I really like her. That's a fairly normal reaction, I think. But the issue is that it happens with every single movie she's in. I hate her, but then I love her. Unlike my reaction to Rachel McAdams, who I just hate all the time. She stirs up nasty teeth-kicking emotions. But she's not in "Miss Pettigrew" so that doesn't really matter, eh? I also watched "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" and an old Miss Marple with Joan Hickson.


cotton girl said...

Hi Jan - hope everything okay with John and also with your dad. Take care of yourself :)

Tonya said...

gosh i hope all is well or soon will be with both your men.